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Why Advertise?


The advertising that I am talking about is what you do on the internet to bring attention to your offers.  Now there are some people that believe that the only advertising or traffic that counts is the trafic that you pay for.  Personally my theory is that you should try all forms of advertising on the internet and off the internet.  Walmart advertises on the tv, radio, the internet and also by word of mouth and traffic that just walks into the store.  Now is Walmart going to turn away customers because the method of obtaining them was free.  I don’t think so.  So why use only paid advertising.  Traffic exchanges and safelists and social media can bring customers to you as well.  Now the next question is, does paid traffic bring better customers than free traffic.  I try not to judge.  One could have a customer that came from free traffic methods that could be one of your best customers.  Your worst customer could have come from your paid traffic.  Which traffic method will you use if you are just starting to build your list?  I say there is only one answer.


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Advertise Using All Methods


The object of a retail business is to build your customer base or your email list, without judgement.  Then,  if you see something that a person on your list may be interested in, you can email them and make another sale.  Is this too simplified for you?  Well maybe it is  but it is based on the kiss concept, right?  So just remember to use the free traffic methods until you start building your list, making money and then start using the paid and free traffic methods.  This way you should start building a great email list.  Next post will be where to advertise.


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