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Where Do I Advertise?



As promised, we will discuss where you can do your advertising.  Quite honestly I think you should advertise anywhere and everywhere you can.  Now I can almost hear you say in your head, that we can’t afford advertising when you start building your list.  This is true,  so what we do then is to advertise on free sites.  This is where traffic exchanges and safelists and newspaper like sites like Craig’s List and Backpage come in…  On traffic exchanges and safelists you view other people’s sites and they in turn view your sites and quite possibly join your opportunity.  After getting some people to join your opportunity and you start to earn money, then you can graduate to paid advertising.  Of course you can always do both paid and free advertising.  So where else can you advertise?  I am glad you asked.


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Advertising On Social Media

You can advertise on social sites such as facebook, twitter, pinterest, linkedin, and of course google+.  There are other social sites such as IBO toolbox and others.  But there is a  secret with the social sites.  Here you brand yourself as an expert and you give people a chance to get to know to you.  Then after they start a dialog with you then you can decide when to lead them into your opportunity.  This is a better way to advertise on the social sites, as you are not advertising to them.  You are not spamming anyone and it is a relaxed enviroment.  Here is where you can help people with little tips and in turn give them links and or contact information.  The social sites also have paid advertising as well.  The paid advertising could be cheaper on these sites.  You can use bing ads, google ads, email swabs and magazine type sites on the internet for advertising.  Just compare prices before getting into any one form of paid advertising.    Remember the older forms of advertising such as newspapers and radio, or television as well.  It just depends on your advertising budget.  As I said before, advertising is basically getting the word out to as many people as you can.   May your advertising campaign bring you all the results that you expect.

Next time we will start with the basic details of the different methods of advertising.


Have a blessed day.

Beth Charron





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