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What Do You Consider To Be Valuable Content

Hi there  I want to discuss what valuable content is  I am sure that everyone has their own idea of what valuable content is.  Like for instance I consider valuable content to be solutions to fix and or clean your computer or laptop.  Or content that informs how to do a certain method of marketing.  Although personally when someone includes a method of marketing it should include a video showing how to do it and how it is working generally., and if you are selling the method then include the special tricks that make the method rev into overdrive.  Not everyone can afford to pay for the method of advertising but they are looking for something that works and gets them leads when they use the method.  I would buy the method if it worked, cause then I would have the money to get the special tricks to get even more money and I would also share the results with my team and encourage them to buy it.

We get content that tells us that free traffic methods work and we get content that paid traffic works.  Which method works faster. That would be the question, and the people that use one form of traffic more the other would telling you their way is better.  Of course the one you would use would depend on how much money you have.  Which would you use more of?  Who can say for sure which traffic category would work the absolute best.  This would be one aspect of valuable content.

Others say that valuable content would be inspirational, motivational or entertain people.  Something that keeps bringing people back to see what you will post next.  I would be interested in finding what other people think valuable content is.  I encourage people who read this blog post to comment and let people know what they think valuable content is,  What content entices people back to their pages, be it blogs or facebook or article marketing.  What content works the best for them.  Lets explore this concept of valuable content is.  Again please leave the comments and lets explore this



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